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Outfit Day and Night Security

Don’t let the day and night name fool you, these bodyguards are the best at what they do. Better known as the "Protectors", the ones who stick around your VIP guest to ensure their safety. These team members have extensive experience and knows the importance of ensuring the well-being of anyone that's assigned to them.
The protectors are a special group of elite bodyguards that can be assigned to executives, celebrates, politicians, or special VIP guest. Most of our protectors have a background in law enforcement with special training and skills to better protect the client.

The Day and Night security teams main goal is to ensure the safety of all individuals or group members that’s in their care. We will protect them from physical harm whether it be from a large crowd or someone randomly approaching the client. They will defend and do everything in their power to ensure that the person in their care does not get hurt or injured by an attacker.

Having a dedicated bodyguard will give you piece of mind knowing that your special guest will be well protected. Being cautious and taking the necessary steps to have a professional protector by your side is worth the extra investment, especially with all the uncertainties occurring in today's society. We want our clients to feel safe, enjoy themselves, have fun and know that their protector will be there if needed.

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