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utfit Security

NYC View

We are the Guardians of your event!

Monitoring for any suspicious activity and overlooking the crowd to ensure compliance with the rules and regulations. The guardians will protect your clients, customers and property. 


We provide security guard services in the New York City area.


All our security guards have valid certifications and are highly trained to handle any situation that may occur during the work tour. Outdoor and Indoor place of assembly guards are mandated by the city, all our guards are certified to comply with this mandate.

Our guards have an active security license and are provided with additional training to better prevent, detect and deter malicious activity.


We provide our officers with In-house training to guide them in defusing hostile situations. If a potential verbal or physical situation occurs, we train our security guards to first perform De-escalation techniques to help calm down the situation. Outfit Security believes in using these methods to help reduce conflicts between individuals to prevent escalation.

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We are the Outfit Security Guardians

  • Want your line to move quickly and effectively, we specialize is crowd management.

  • Check ID's to validate appropriate age of guest before allowing entry into the building.

  • Patrol and monitor the premise.

  • Escort non-compliant visitors off the premises to defuse and prevent any problems from occurring.

  • Greet and navigate guest upon arrival and departure from establishment.

  • Conduct searches for weapons and illegal substances to prevent incidents.

  • Keep in contact with the 3 major branches (Fire, Police and Ambulance) for emergency issues.


We guard all types of locations

  • Convention Centers

  • Office Buildings

  • Expo Centers

  • Warehouses

  • Stadiums/Arenas

  • Bars/Clubs/Pubs

  • Private

  • Hotels

  • Community Centers

  • Schools/Campus

  • Shopping Districts

  • Parks and Fields

No event or location is to BIG or to small for us to handle. 

Events we worked and secured so your guest can have fun and feel safe.
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We also offer over night security at your facility and can provide 24 hour protection.

Trivia question:

Did you happen to notice the OG tag within the tuxedo shirt on our logo, what does the OG stand for? click on the logo to view

outfit security original logo.png
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