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utfit Security

Professional security guard services for all occasions

At Outfit security, we're here to protect the safety of your patrons by providing a safe environment so your customers and clients can feel safe and focus on having a good time and enjoying their special event.


We provide security officers for special events, trade shows, festivals, concerts, award shows, parties, product launches, weddings and much more. We can work with large scale productions or small venues. Our staff can blend in with the crowd by being ununiformed, dressed in tuxedo or completely undercover.

We pride ourselves in making security look good! We dress appropriately to your event and maintain a professional demeanor while ensuring the safety of your guests and space.

All of our officers are licensed in security and fireguard, trained to handle tough situations, and have completed thorough background checks.

Our Mission

Our Company, Outfit Security is a security company that provides Guardian and Protective services to our clients. Our main objective is to ensure you have a safe environment were you can conduct business and organize your event without having to worry about your safety.


We're here to protect your property, assets, guest and VIP's by deterring crime so you can focus on what's important; which is running your business. Lets collaborate to make this venture a success because we are the experts in this field and we'll have all your security needs covered.

The Outfit Group has three security sectors within the organization that specialize in specific fields of interest for our clients. The great benefits that are provided with these skills allow our clients to select the appropriate group to fulfill their need. We are trained to observe, organize and manage any situation to limit any incident that may occur during our presence at the site.

We provide security guard services for two distinct locations within our branch. Outfit Security provides services for the New York City area, while the Atlanta Division of Outfit Security provides services for the Atlanta Georgia area. Our Day and Night Security service is available in both locations. You can review the 3 distinct divisions within our organization by selecting the links below or by visiting the different pages within our website.


The Outfit Security team are the Guardians of your property, establishment, clients and guest.


The Day & Night security team are the Protectors of your special VIP guest. They are the bodyguards that will keep your VIP's safe and secure.


The Atlanta Division of Outfit Security is an extension to our Guardians team. They guard your property, establishment, clients and guest

The clients we protect

“The presents of having a security guard on site made my clients feel safe”

Austin mccloskey

Media Production

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